Map Quest

Novelist Brian Hall delivers the Meriwether report.
photo: Jerry Bauer
Novelist Brian Hall delivers the Meriwether report.


I Should Be Extremely Happy in Your Company: A Novel of Lewis and Clark
By Brian Hall
Viking, 419 pp., $25.95
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The author's note suggests that Hall worries, like his hero, that readers will judge him harshly. Intent on shading in the filigreed detail that was lost in the tale's transformation to legend, Hall in the process creates his own mythic figure in Lewis, entertainingly customized for our age: a rugged yet angst-filled outdoorsman who quotes Shakespeare, stands down bears, and tenderly worries over Sacagawea during childbirth. Most importantly, he's self-conscious enough to anchor his own reality TV show. I can see it now: Survivor, the Lewis and Clark Years.

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