Kathy Harris
Wayne, Pennsylvania

Energy Bar

Rita Ferrandino's feature story "Fueling Fear: Experts Warn of Nuclear Horror at Indian Point" [December 18-24] should be required reading for all our statewide elected officials who are afraid to speak up and call for the closure of Indian Point. The continued operation of this very dangerous nuclear power plant puts every New York resident who lives within 50 miles of Indian Point in jeopardy. The consequences of a successful attack against Indian Point or meltdown would be severe and could have devastating impacts on lives and property values in the entire Hudson Valley.

Our officials must put the safety of their constituents ahead of campaign contributions from Entergy. Close Indian Point now. It's a no-brainer.

Paul Feiner
Town Supervisor
Greenburgh, New York


Dasun Allah's obituary for Sonny Carson ["Sonny Carson Dies," January 1-7] erroneously reported that the activist had been honored by a decree signed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a proclamation by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. No such proclamations were signed by either Bloomberg or Markowitz, despite earlier reports in several other newspapers.

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