An Enemy of Nixon and Baraka

'Parades of People Would Follow Behind'

"The contributions that Mr. Rustin made [aren't] just to civil rights but to the whole United States."

The vote came after a report by a committee of teachers, students, administrators, school board members, and community leaders who had met privately with historians, and with people who had known and worked with Bayard during his years of nonviolently creating consternation. Said the committee: "We have not seen, read, or heard anything that would give us reason to change our recommendation for the name of the new high school. The more we learned, the more we were convinced that Rustin is the right name."

And National Urban League president Hugh Price told Education Week: "His hometown should not only name a school after him, but they probably ought to have a [high school social studies] course built around his life."

What a delight to be Bayard Rustin!
photo: Walter Naegle
What a delight to be Bayard Rustin!

Now, that's an idea for New York City's schools chancellor, Joel Klein, to pursue—if he dares.

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