Leather or Not

Shopping With the Vegetarian Fashionista

illustration: Yuko Shimuzu

No vegetarian shopping trip is complete without a visit to the Stella McCartney store. Even though she is backed by the world-force leather company Gucci, McCartney is herself a staunch vegetarian fashionista, swearing she will never, ever use leather or fur. "I love how Stella got this new house and she's building a duck sanctuary and a water treatment facility," the VF enthuses as we enter the Stella shop on 14th Street in the meatpacking district, an all-white emporium filled with uptown-hipster clothes and stratospheric price tags. The VF is soon swooning over Stella's capacious artificial-suede carry-on bag decorated with multicolored stitching, but the saleswoman quells his excitement when she says, "It's in the $1500 range—but it's 60 percent off." We decide to try our luck a few doors down at Jeffrey, where the selection of just-arrived Pucci carryalls sends the VF into a tailspin of desire. "Oh my God, look at how cute this is!" he says, fondling the chartreuse plastic handle of a humongous printed cotton tote that combines swirls of turquoise, lime, and cherry. "It's so 1962 Marella Agnelli walking the cobblestones in Capri in a white Capri pant! It's gorgeous! And it's cruelty free."

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