First-Class? No, Glazer Takes Coach.

Tampa Bay Owner Watches Gruden Deal Pay Off

What it really takes is a guy with a clipboard, a bad attitude, a case of insomnia, and a flair for the safety blitz.

But of course, all of this will be forgotten by the time the last of the stale chips are eaten and the guacamole dregs turn gray. The NFL off-season will be filled with draft-time talk about the likely first overall pick: USC quarterback Carson Palmer. And all the while, the men who can turn a franchise around—ousted 49er coach Steve Mariucci, former Viking boss Dennis Green, or even Tom Coughlin, late of the Jaguars—remain under the football radar.

As for ol' Malcolm, I can see the Visa ad now. A pair of pants from J.C. Penney: $19.95. A coach who can take football's most laughable franchise to the Super Bowl: $8,000,000. Your picture holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy: priceless.

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