Some (the remnants of the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Ukraine) have supplied Saddam with weaponry. You're asking why? Because these small countries need revenue so they can buy advanced armaments to qualify for NATO membership.

Where's Stalin When You Need Him?
Thanks, Mr. Lindsay!

Bush appointed Lawrence Lindsay as his chief economic adviser on January 3, 2001. On that day, the Dow stood at 10,646.15, and unemployment was 4 percent.

Lindsay bumbled along until being forced out on December 6, 2002. If you can believe Lindsay, Bush thanked him for a job well-done, saying: "You helped me with a tough election. You developed an economic plan that was needed and effective. You provided sound advice to me during very tough times. In short, you did your job with distinction and class, and I am most grateful."

Yeah, right. He helped Bush dodge his way through the Enron scandal, he helped turn a surplus into a deficit, and he said the recession was over when it was getting worse. The day Lindsay got the heave-ho, the Dow stood at 8513.51, and unemployment hit 6 percent.

Amid the Christmas merriment, Lindsay's wife Sue leaned over at a White House party to thank the president for dumping her husband. "Stalin would have shot him," she joked.

Additional reporting: Phoebe St John and Josh Saltzman

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