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Evaluating a Movie Lover's Chances of Survival at a Topsy-Turvy Sundance

In 28 Days Later (also shot by the ever inventive Mantle, on DV), the population of Britain is decimated, off-screen, by a plague dubbed "Rage" that causes the infected to turn homicidally rabid within seconds. First-time screenwriter, novelist Alex Garland, pulls off a canny mash-up of epidemic/post-apocalyptic classics, notably Day of the Triffids and any number of Romero flicks from The Crazies to Day of the Dead. Boyle gives the attack sequences a savage immediacy (have the undead ever moved this fast?), but it's the deathly quiet that lodges in the mind—a depopulated London, complete with provisional memorial of missing-person flyers (the scenes were shot before 9-11). Funny how a little perspective makes you forget the petty woes of your Sundance trek. A bit of graffiti in 28 Days Later, scrawled in blood on the wall of a church: "The End Is Extremely Fucking Nigh."

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Snow-globe trotters Phoenix and Danes in It's All About Love

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