Regardless of the other gaffes the officials have made this playoff season, this call was right on the money. Dewayne Washington of the Steelers very obviously hit Titans kicker Joe Nedney, and he wasn't blocked into Nedney. NFL officials will throw a flag on that every single time. While it's unfortunate to see such a great game hinge on such a small penalty, the call was not only correct, but unavoidable.

Bailey Irwin
Hoboken, New Jersey


In Jennifer Block's "Roe v. Wade, Then v. Now" [January 15-21], the number of abortion-related deaths in 1965 and 1973 (200 and 48, respectively) referred to those "officially reported" to the Centers for Disease Control. The actual number of yearly abortion-related deaths prior to 1973 is estimated to have been in the thousands.

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