All in the Feet

NYCB Revivals, Downtown Experiments

The theme of people who are dancing together without really being united pervades all the dances in this suite, and incidents (like the picnic) recur. Gleich and Andrew are physically, violently, at odds in “Tainted Love” (sneakers for her, bare feet for him). Renée DeFranco performs almost all of “Confirmation” with Tobias Parsons—who has a fine line and a compelling presence—as if she were looking at herself in a mirror.

Curtis and Rekoert in Crowd Pleaser
photo: Richard Termine
Curtis and Rekoert in Crowd Pleaser

In the lighthearted Dances-I-have-secretly-wanted-to-do aka Commedia, Gleich choreographs more expansively. The little pieces are livelier in space, more fluid in their phrasing. McKeveny and Maribeth Maxa play languid, sexy ladies. Andrew comes into his own as a nimble Harlequin, prancing and doing scampy gestures to music by Vivaldi, Haydn, and Thomas Campion and courting a lively Columbine (DeFranco). Parsons shows such nice entrechats that Harlequin brings him a chair, and Columbine files his nails.

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