'Post' Traumatic Stress Disorder

Is Murdoch's Business Section in Trouble?

Asked if overtime was a problem, editor Col Allan said, "It's not a big deal." He is more upset, he said, with the persistent notion that on his watch the staff has become increasingly British and Australian. "It's a myth," he said, "a pile of lies." He explained that while there are some Australians at the paper, they arrived before he did. He did hire Brit photo editor David Boyle, he said, "but only after an extended search for an American with the skill set required for the job." He predicted that at the end of March, the Post will report circulation in excess of 600,000, which he called a "fabulous" achievement.

In closing, Allan brushed off the Post's critics. "If you employ more than 300 people, you are always going to get a couple who are unhappy," he said. "But the vast majority of the people working here are having a ball."


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