Frill Seeking

Garters, Thongs, and Other Hot Topics

illustration: Yuko Shamizu

Nevertheless, 10 days before Valentine's Day, the store, bustling as ever, has put a passel of abbreviated red stuff near the entrance and strewn the floor with what appear to be real rose petals. (Of course, this time of year, every place from the hardware store to the pet-food shop sticks a few red teddy bears in the window in hopes of drumming up business.) Though it lacks the cheerful steaminess of its upscale rivals, in the end Victoria's Secret offers a version of virtually everything the pricier boutiques have on tap, including a pair of $16 baby-pink ruffled panties as cheek-baring as any incipient J.Lo could want, and a beribboned silk garter belt with matching tap pants to be pulled under or over as custom or comfort dictate, in Agent Provocateur black and pink, and all for a delightful $48.

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