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What I wanted to tell you is that Off-Broadway, Little Fish is a banal self-help musical about a whiny white lady with inane problems and a pressing need to sing about them. By the time Anne Frank shows up to teach the woman some life lessons, this thing starts to make Dr. Phil's show look trenchant.

More perceptively, Jonathan Tolins's The Last Sunday in June spoofs the conventions of gay theater—the bitchy humor, melodramatic revelations, and inevitable surprise visitor—while embracing and updating them, all on Gay Pride Day. The play's most controversial character—even more than the muscle guy with a brain—is the disgruntled gay who marries a woman, played like a lit keg by Mark Setlock of Fully Committed fame. At the opening night party at Lips, Setlock told me he's now fully committed to compiling people's fetishes (with the help of a Dan Savage plug, as it were), in hopes of doing a kinky theater piece that'll really pop folks in the pooper. The response so far? "My favorite is from a woman who likes to pee on doll heads," Setlock said. (No, it's not Michael Jackson.) There's also a priest who likes sacramental-wine enemas—well, naughty old men need love—and a gentleman who, ever since seeing Woody Woodpecker cartoons, fetishizes the haircutting process; go figure. Interestingly, Setlock wants to use Ella Fitzgerald songs in the project. You know—scat!

Finally, my particular fetish has always been the hoopla around the Oscar nominations, so I'm sitting here all aroused as I gloat about how 92 percent of my predictions were right on the money. But it's hard to get too excited about that rotten Best Song category, mostly filled with irrelevant stinkers (though it'll be fun to hear the words "Oscar nominee Eminem" till eternity). Also out of tune is the fact that Salma Hayek nabbed Meryl Streep's slot—but at least Nicole Kidman got in there, so I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that a vote for Nicole is a vote against Tom. That's right, Academy members, if you have any decency whatsoever, you'll make very sure that Nicole wins—it'll drive Tom crazy! (But I'll be quiet now.)

Welcome to Club Rectum: Yoko Ono and Gaspar Noé at Café Lebowitz for the Irreversible party.
photo: Cary Conover
Welcome to Club Rectum: Yoko Ono and Gaspar Noé at Café Lebowitz for the Irreversible party.


Michael Musto talks about Michael Jackson on the 10 O'Clock News on Fox 5 NY, February 20, 2003.

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