Scuds, Wine, and Cheese

A Town Prepares for Attack

Now there are reports of a new menace—toy airplanes packed with explosives and operated by remote control will be launched into Jerusalem, according to the DEBKAfile. DEBKAfile, an online site featuring lots of hot spy stories, said that Palestinian toy importers have purchased hundreds of model airplanes in Europe ostensibly for distribution to hospitalized Palestinian children.

But, instead of going to the kids, the toys were converted into "miniature air bombers with explosive payloads." DEBKAfile said Yasir Arafat was absolutely "delighted" with the results of field tests of the new mini-weapon, which can whiz around for two or three minutes before crashing to the ground and blowing up.

The same story said Arafat was also considering adding "exploding cigarettes" to his anti-Israeli arsenal.

If you can believe that 170 young Palestinians have volunteered to die the horrible death of a suicide bomber, you can also accept wild tales of toy dive-bombers and exploding cigarettes.

Never a dull moment around here. At least we aren't reduced to making small talk about Joe Millionaire at our dinner parties.

Okay, I admit I've been avoiding the subject of last month's re-election of Ariel Sharon. I know you are dying to hear all the scuttlebutt, but I really do not want to talk about it.

And you can wipe that holier-than-thou smirk off your faces. You guys, after all, elected George W. Bush.

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