Prepping for Spring

Of Chinoiserie, Hardware, Surf, and Other Purported Trends

illustration: Lynn Yaeger

We consider the hardware store, but short of making a necklace of nails or carrying our wallet in a lunch pail, this proves a dud. And then we hit on it: For hardware, you want Religious Sex, the goth-punk store on St. Marks Place, where you can buy a pair of $72 black jeans sporting fully 24 buckles, or red plaid flannel trousers with at least 10 zippers, or a long plaid dress with 18 grommets—nine to each side—which are meant to accommodate the laces that hold the dress together. Any one of these will easily satisfy your hardware needs, plus in six months, if Bazaar deems the Clash or Clockwork Orange the next new thing, you'll be all set.

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