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Products Derived From Toys Bring the Pelvic Region Alive

Things are in the saddle and ride humankind.
(photo: Staci Schwartz)

In fact it's a compact, waterproof vibrator, with its sting in its tail. When not being applied to its intended purpose, it will putt-putt around the tub like a little tugboat, looking over its right shoulder out its painted-on blue eyes. A randy mom could leave Duckie on the side of the tub without incurring embarrassing questions from the youngest members of the household, and it's guaranteed not to electrocute anybody. It comes in iconic yellow and in black.

But does it work? Will it get you off? Maybe if you're one of those people who find sex funny, or small birds sexy, or if you have the right companion to help steer this aquatic device into its intended harbor. Our tester, alone in her bathtub in the middle of the night, nodded off before the massager could finish its work; she prefers natural products to the smooth plastic and vaguely industrial hum of the duck, and opines that a slow and firm hand, whether her own or that of a friend, is a far superior tool for this task. Other users, including men, found it stimulating. Good Vibrations, a sex-toy distributor that features the Duckie on its Web site, gives it a staff thumbs-up, recommends "the beak and tail areas for optimal clitoral stimulation," and also suggests putting condoms on the toys, "as it is the only way to keep them clean and bacteria-free."

R2-D2, call your office.
photo: Ted Morrison
R2-D2, call your office.

Sit-A-Round Ball Chair: $249.95, Ball Dynamics, 14215 Mead Street, Longmont, CO 80504, 1-800-752-2255,, or at Beck Office Furniture, 31 East 28th Street, New York, NY 10016, 212-696-2020. Other innovative "task" seating can be explored at I Rub My Duckie: $20, 1-800-289-8423, or

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