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Before the theater strike began last week, The Wall Street Journal announced plans to launch a new theater page on March 14, as part of its Weekend Journal section. The page will showcase the Zagat Theater Survey along with reviews and features about shows that appear on and Off-Broadway. With that range, predicts survey-meister Tim Zagat, the page will attract "the advertising of virtually everyone in the theater."

For Zagat, the Theater Survey is the latest in a series of spin-offs from the restaurant guide that begat his empire. The survey is up and running at, where participants rate shows by acting, story line, and production values. Zagat says he worked up a prototype a few years ago, but lacked a platform until he approached the Journal this past winter.

A Journal spokesperson confirmed that editors expect the theater page to "attract a new class of advertiser." As for whether the strike will delay the launch, she said, "We're evaluating the situation on a daily basis."

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