Demonstrators Regroup, Plan MLK Day Actions

Activists Focus on the Mounting Costs of War

Others say more civil disobedience is crucial, but the actions need to be large, disciplined, like those of the civil rights era. "The movement has to raise the stakes," says Stephen Bronner, a political science professor at Rutgers University who recently returned from a peace delegation to Iraq. "We need to keep ratcheting up the pressure in order to prevent more massive aerial bombings, because that's going to become ever more tempting as the war goes on and the quagmire deepens."

Cheree Dillon of the M27 Coaliton says her group won't bow down. "We've done marching and prayer vigils and petitions to the UN," she says. "We can't just sit by and watch these major players make money off of what is an unjust war."

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