Moral Clarity

An Unauthorized Glossary of War

Operation Iraqi Freedom: Official name for the war on Iraq. Bush says his goal is to free Iraqis, not to occupy their country and seize their oil resources.

Pockets: Term used to shrink bad news. For example, swarming Fedayeen are termed "pockets of resistance." Hordes of hungry people are "pockets of need."

Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion, a/k/a RSDL: A Canadian product approved by the FDA, for troops to apply after a chemical attack.

Reconstruction: New term for nation building. The U.S. plans to award $1.9 billion in reconstruction contracts, which will go exclusively to U.S. companies.

Red line, a/k/a red zone: A ring around Baghdad at which U.S. troops expect to encounter the Republican Guard and their first exposure to alleged chemical weapons.

Son of a dog: Term used by some Iraqis to describe Saddam Hussein.

Thieves of Iraq: Term used by some Arabs to describe Bush, Tony Blair, and Condoleezza Rice, in a spoof on the Egyptian movie Thieves of Thailand.

War crimes: Acts banned by international law. Both sides are accused of committing these, ranging from executing P.O.W.'s and posing as civilians to bombing the headquarters of Iraqi state-run radio and TV.

Weapons of mass destruction, a/k/a WMD: Bush says the war is justified because Hussein won't get rid of these, but after extensive searches in Iraq, U.S. troops have yet to find any evidence of WMD whatsoever.

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