Owen's story holds no verity, especially if the rumored FBI investigation fails to materialize. As a former employee of both Marvisi and Peter Gatien, allow me this: I could find and fill an entire nightclub with former promoters and employees whom Gatien has fucked over. Gatien has left a negative stigma on nightclub owners and on the entire industry for years to come. While Marvisi at his worst is just a pain in the ass, he is still a man who has earned my professional love, respect, and best regards.

Dennis Sanabria
Lower East Side


The Voice congratulates staff writer Tom Robbins, who has won the 2002 IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors) Award, recognizing outstanding investigative reporting. His series "The Lush Life of a Rudy Appointee" took top honors in the Local Circulation Weekly category.

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