Everybody is a Starr

The vile term "Special Surprise Guest" often heralds the equivament of the cardboard puzzle in a box of Cracker Jacks. Saturday March 22 proved to be the rare exception, as Bottom Line/WFUV's A Required Listening series delivered a diamond prize among the peanuts and Carmel corn. The evening began with WFUV's Claudia Marshall welcoming singer guitarist Tony Furtado, who almost apologized for being unable to bring either his band or banjo, but quickly won over the crowd with his finger-picking guitar wizardry. Second up came songwriter Richard Julian, and after a short break, singer Amy Correia. Reminiscent of '70's pop-folk singer Melanie, complete with a wide, trembling range and songs about her childhood. The dessert de jour, was Brooklyn's upbeat faux-French band, Les Sans Culottes, a tasty melt of '60's British invasion and the B-52's.

The shark has pretty teeth: Karen O
photo: David Atlas
The shark has pretty teeth: Karen O

Then suddenly, a new buzz began, and celebrities appeared. The house lights dimmed, and a band took the stage. The room erupted, the roars began as we sighted a Beatle! Ringo Starr and band performed "It Don't Come Easy". Between grins, Starr flashes a tee-shirt reading "peace & love", and led the band through the boogie woogie rocker "Memphis In My Mind". When they launched into "Photograph," Ringo jumped behind the drum kit for the first time, for a rousing medley of "I Wanna Be Your Man"/ "Boys". After another new song, dedicated to George (way better than the one Paul dedicated to John) the crowd was treated to a sing along of "Yellow Submarine". For his final song, get this, he welcomed his own special guest! A giddy Norah Jones joined him in an encore of "With a Little Help From My Friends." —Andrew Aber

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