Who Decides Who's Black or Hispanic?

Should Individuals of More Than One Race Be Preferred?

"This is the real affirmative-action status quo," Henninger continued. "The Harvards, Princetons, Amhersts, Michigans, and Georgetowns fight like dogs over the same small pool of high-achieving black and Hispanic 18-year-olds." And all the rest, whatever their mixture of colors, are left behind.

The color-coded University of Michigan: Who never applies?
photo: courtesy U-M Photo Services
The color-coded University of Michigan: Who never applies?

If the Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress, the presidents through the years, the courts, and the adversaries in the college affirmative-action debates had devoted their passions and their priorities to liberating all these victims of failing schools, there would have been a true diversity of Americans with decent jobs and futures, instead of all this intense concern for what the Supreme Court will do about "diversity"—affirmative action for the few.

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