Since stoners ramble and no one fucks, choice quotes follow. Too Short: "If you're in love, you need to quit fakin' like you a playa . . . watch a little cable." Scarface: "I make a skinny bitch quit." Vagaz: "I hate bitch-ass niggas." Smokey: "I think I'm gonna kick Petey Pablo's ass. . . . He's takin' off his shirt, swingin' it around like a helicopter."

Let me punk out like Shorty himself by ending this review with a long quote from a chapter in Richard Meltzer's book, L.A. Is the Capital of Kansas, titled "Tits in Titsville."

Like here I am, here you are, here are we all in a town lousy with tits, where they flutter like a floating theme park eight days a week, fifty-three weeks a year, where suntanned cleavage is the official Unofficial Civic Coat of Arms, and I'm wondering what people (heteromales in particular, m'self included), see in tits anymore anyway, like how come after decades of BRANDISHMENT by every Jayne, Dolly and Raquel they still "play"?


Ice-T's Pimpin' 101
IVD, written and directed by Tony Diablo

Too-$hort T*tty City

Gangsta Rap
Video Team
Watch Movie Now

As for middling orgy Gangsta Rap (Video Team), you're not even being ripped off by a has-been rapper. Word to your mother!

Fatt, 9610 Desoto Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311,

MVD, PO Box 280, Oaks, PA, 19456,

Video Team, 11151 Vanowen Street, North Hollywood, CA 91605,

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