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Over at Gypsy, another cute co-inky-dink had Bernadette Peters calling in sick the same day she'd been snubbed by the Outer Critics Circle, as you've heard. But can you blame the eternal moppet? They instead nominated a Nine actress who has just one song, a lady whose show deservedly ran only one week, and someone from Urban Cowboy! This wasn't just a snub, it was a snub master mix. But Bernadette had genuinely been battling a cold, reportedly hack-coughing onstage days before. Everything's coming up (neu)roses.

Everything came up tucked hoses at Serena's Tuesday-night gay bash, 7M, which had a Delilah-hosted "Evening of 101 Drag Queens" benefiting the Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project. There was nearly violence on the premises—the high wigs literally almost brought down the chandelier—but the show had zing, with Edie wildly going to "Route 66," Hedda becoming Shakira, and June Bug doing a naughty, bawdy "All That Jizz."

Madonna gossip break: Last week at Tower, scores of people who'd waited with the required wristbands got to see the diva's mini-concert, but were denied the promised autographs when Madonna split mid-signing. Real spiritual, huh? On a lighter note, I hear that when little Lourdes goes to stay with daddy Carlos Leon, she absolutely loves it because he actually has a TV! (And he doesn't lock her in the car.)


Plus: special to the web: American Media titan David Pecker moves Star to New York.

But let's change the channel and go back a few weeks to sometime Madonna pal Rosie O'Donnell's speech at the GLAAD Awards. Rosie told the crowd that whenever anyone urged her to come out for her own good, she'd think, "I don't need your . . . Nazi bullshit. Shut the fuck up!" Bizarrely, that quote became widely reported, held up as an example of how closet cases should be left to their own devices. But hardly anyone repeated what Rosie also said—that those people were right and she should have come out long ago! As one of the folks Rosie once labeled "gay Nazis," I find this clarification rather fucking important (though I mainly wanted her to come out to stop my own irritation).

For the gay paparazzi, I hosted a bookstore event for Jeffrey Epstein and Eddie Shapiro's Queens in the Kingdom, a queer guide to the Disney theme parks, which puts the wrist back in Aristocats, the poke in Pocahontas, and the 'mo in Quasimodo. And now, I'm off to put the bi back in bipolar.

SPECIAL TO THE WEB: As you know, American Media titan David Pecker has moved the Star, the weekly tabloid, to New York to compete with People and Us Weekly. Well, the new buzz is that Pecker, who almost backed the new Radar magazine, would love Radar's editor, Maer Roshan, to take over the editorship at the Star. Are you following me?


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