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Other "new" shows also revel in the old and familiar, like tired cats hiding under musty blankets. Enchanted April isn't enchanted, but it's definitely April. Three blocks away, Salome has a bunch of Oscar winners sitting on chairs and holding scripts, which they never look at, but which allow this to be a "reading" sans staging or scenery. Al Pacino would have chewed it all up anyway. His performance—very King Herod via Bobby Zarem—hints at brilliance, but becomes tiresome as he screams each line like a manic-depressive cab dispatcher.

The Look of Love starts out all bland and cruise-ship-ready, with too many songs sung without reinvention, except for some vocal flourishes and a loud screech at the end. But a funny thing happens in Act II. It develops some style, rhythm, and a point of view worthy of the Bacharach-David songs (which to me are pure heaven—sophisticated, willowy anthems of love and desperation). I ultimately gave in to this mess—but would it have killed them to put in a few more gay looks of love?

While we're on gay looks, you may have heard that Will & Grace's Sean Hayes tried to be cute at the L.A. GLAAD Awards, hinting at coming out, then coyly backing down. "I think it's time to share something about myself," Hayes told the crowd, later stopping himself and saying, "I'm being selfish again . . . I apologize!" Commentator Gay Boy Ric reports that Hayes "came off as tedious and annoying, his feeble attempt at humor in effect mocking the entire nature of the evening." Otherwise, it was fine.

Sleazy does it: Lola Rock 'N' Rolla flashes the crowd at the Arlene's Grocery Picture Awards.
photo: Cary Conover
Sleazy does it: Lola Rock 'N' Rolla flashes the crowd at the Arlene's Grocery Picture Awards.

In more fulfilling gossip, I hear that Robert Verdi (Surprise by Design, fashion TV) might turn up on Hollywood Squares, and I'm just guessing he'll be in the Paul Lynde/Bruce Vilanch cubicle. Lower East Side birdies also chirp that fallen American idol Frenchie Davis (the one who posed topless) is under consideration for a role in the proposed Dreamgirls movie, which they swear will probably, definitely, maybe someday happen. More certifiably, nightlife wiz Jimmy Rodriguez is opening a club in the old Danceteria space. And over in that irresistible vanity space Sephora, as Chris Kattan's lady friend ogled the merch, Kattan was overheard to say, "You want that? I'll buy it for you." Who knew Mango was such a giver?

Meanwhile, can you believe you can't buy Outlet, the new gay channel, yet? It's still waiting for a green (or maybe lavender) light! And finally, my most shocking item of the week: Gays will pay $13 for an apple martini. But not if it's pulled out of someone's vagina.

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