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Lynn's also inevitably been a Bada Bing girl on The Sopranos and just got a callback for a speaking role. ("I'm still playing a stripper, but I get to talk. That's big for me!") And she nabbed a part in Nicole Kidman's remake of The Stepford Wives (which is not about Nicole and Penelope Cruz, mind you). But until that huge, throbbing mainstream offer comes, Lynn will keep straddling both showbiz and blow biz, thank you. Lord knows she's done well with the shtupping-for-dollars industry. She started dancing during her senior year of Catholic high school, flawlessly enough, and that led to magazines, which led to films, "and I was like, 'Wow it's not that hard. Just block it all out and have fun.' "

But snatch-urally there are limits. The vixen will only perform with a max of two people, thereby circumventing the need for fluffing. ("Fluffers are only if a girl is doing a gang bang, which I won't do." Lube is another story, though.) She also rules out double penetration or "double vag." ("I like to give one guy all I can. I'm a small girl.") And she's one of two folks on earth who won't do anal (I'm the other one), but clarifies, "It's not that I'm against it. I'm just very sensitive in that area." But excuse me, didn't she appear in the esteemed epic Strap-On Sally? Yes, Lynn replied, "but I'm the aggressor. I strap it on and work with other girls. And though Buttslammers 21 is an all-girl, all-anal movie, I didn't do anal in it." Meditative pause. Confession time. "In Strap-On Sally 20, I did do a little plug. It was smaller than my pinky and I still had a hard time with that." Please—I don't even like digital prostate exams!

Gina's worst off-screen experience? She was performing a "no-contact" private dance, "and I turned around and the guy just let it go all over my back. I freaked out. It happened so fast." Happens to me all the time. I feel like such a twat. Thanks, Gina Lynn, for the double-penetrating interview.

"I like to give one guy all I can": Porn star and private dancer Gina Lynn is ready to ride.
photo: Richard Mitchell
"I like to give one guy all I can": Porn star and private dancer Gina Lynn is ready to ride.

SPECIAL TO THE WEB: Let's go back, as all things must, to Kelly Osbourne, who told me that, despite reports, it's not at all true that she’s coming to Broadway in the Boy George musical Taboo or in Hairspray either. "I don’t know how that started," she said, though she’d certainly be open to the possibilities. She’s not alone. At an HBO party at Le Cirque for Robert Evans, the actor-turned-mogul told me producers are after him to do a one-man Broadway version of his life, and he wouldn’t rule it out. "If it inspires people and makes them walk out a half-foot taller, why not?" he said, his arm around me, Hollywood-style. Judging from the speech Evans gave that night at Le Cirque ("I came back from death . . . "), I'd even pay for tickets.

From the kid who stayed in the picture to the club kid who won’t get out of it, Michael Alig is reportedly now changing his mind again about the who-and-how details surrounding drug dealer Angel Melendez's killing. Stay tuned.

By the way, let me clarify something about the early days of that scandal's gossip reports, starting in April '96. Between my first item about Alig's firing from Limelight (he blamed the club owner’s jealous lady love, while others murmured about a missing person) and my blind item about the buzz alleging the hammering, Drano-ing, and dismemberment of a drug dealer, New York magazine did a crucial item in which Alig said he knew about the rumors and admitted to fighting with Angel. In this context, Page Six didn't even have to question who my blind item referred to, and they blew it (and the New York stuff) up big-time.

On a lighter note: That receptacle of scandal, Star magazine, has moved to Gotham, but it's having a hard time finding a new editor willing to take a sow's ear and make it more legit. And they’ve asked a lot of people!


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