Any Anti-Mugabe Protesters Here?

Zimbabwe Cleared by United Nations

From Catherine Buckle—a Zimbabwean who has written extensively on conservation and wildlife education, and who sends a weekly online letter chronicling Mugabe's repressions—there is this news: "A visiting delegation of Southern African foreign ministers were in Zimbabwe [in March]. . . . At the close of their nine-hour meeting in Harare, a spokesman for the South African Foreign Ministry said: 'Our position is that the people of Zimbabwe must be the masters of their own destiny.' " But who is going to help the Zimbabweans get rid of the dictator who is their master now?

But it is not only South Africa and other democratic African nations that have been very slow to react to Mugabe's terrorism of his people. The Economist (April 5) says candidly, "The truth is that neither Britain nor any other western power has made more than token efforts to curb Mr. Mugabe, because he poses no threat to their vital interests.

"If the people of Zimbabwe desire a change of regime (and it is obvious that they do), they can expect little outside help. . . . Outsiders could do more to help . . . They could increase the pressure by . . . pursuing the ruling party's business associates, especially those who have helped the Zimbabwean army to loot Congo, where it was sent in 1998 to prop up another despotic regime." Any investigative reporters working on those business associates?

Next week: the press in Zimbabwe.

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