Hiphop Takes Stock in 'Drop the Rock'

Coalition Sets Deadline for Repealing Rockefeller Drug Laws

Some organizers have even advocated for a "regime change" come next election if the ultimatum is not met. "Don’t forget politicians," said Frank Garcia, president of the Bronx Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, speaking on behalf of the Latino community. "You could be here now, but we have the votes, and the Hispanic and African American community has united. We’re working together and strong."

Simmons, recalling the turnout of at last year’s City Hall rally to fight educational budget cuts, said although the education issue drew strong support in the hiphop community, the drug-law issues hits home even harder. "I hope that the governor, Sheldon, and Bruno understand what powers we have to bear," said Simmons. "We have money, we have a great coalition and we are going to work."

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