'BOOBS! THE MUSICAL—THE WORLD ACCORDING TO RUTH WALLIS' They called them "party records." You hid them in the back of the phonograph cabinet, and only played them, for selected guests, when you were sure the kids were asleep. Their double-entendre treatment of sex and its variants may seem anodyne in these days of Comedy Central, but the nostalgic patina they've acquired may make them look like wit next to today's gross-outs. Ruth Wallis, still with us, was their preeminent practitioner; this revue of her songs, compiled by Steve Mackes and Michael Whaley, won't bring back repression, but may give smut a welcome touch of class. IN PREVIEWS, OPENS MONDAY, Triad, 158 West 72nd Street, 212-239-6200. (Feingold)

'MOLLY'S DREAM' A waitress has a fantasy, and discovers that love is just as likely to go haywire in dreams as in reality. Maria Irene Fornes's 1968 play with songs has had workshops and showcases, but until now never a full New York production. I published it in 1971, but who ever listens to me? Daniel Aukin's production, with music by Maury Loeb, features Matthew Maher, Patrick Boll, Toi Perkins, Dominic Bogart, and Bo Corre as Molly; David Neumann choreographs. IN PREVIEWS, OPENS FRIDAY, SoHo Rep, 46 Walker Street, 212-868-4444. (Feingold)

'MONDO DRAMA' Oh, what are those two Drama Department scamps, Douglas Carter Beane and Christopher Ashley, up to now? The boys who told you kiddie TV was a sparkling planet for escapees from the country-club set have decided that the world of culture deserves an Italian '60s-style "shockumentary" exposé. Their prurient intercessor for the evening is, naturally, a stand-up comedienne—Caroline Rhea. Whether the campy approach will provide genuine shocks or just WASP-party joy buzzers remains to be seen. IN PREVIEWS, OPENS MAY 22, Greenwich House Theatre, 27 Barrow Street, 212-239-6200. (Feingold)

Guy Maddin's Dracula: Pages From a Virgin's Diary opens Wednesday at Film Forum (see film).
photo: Bruce Monk
Guy Maddin's Dracula: Pages From a Virgin's Diary opens Wednesday at Film Forum (see film).


MEGHAN DAUM "Memo to New Yorkers: this is what I found: a twelve-hundred-square-foot, five-room apartment. The rent in Prairie City: five hundred dollars." So advises the narrator of Daum's recently published, semi-autobiographical novel, The Quality of Life Report, who leaves Manhattan in search of peace (and more space) in the Midwest, only to become "a one-woman army of cultural imperialism." Memo to readers: Daum admits loving her new home in Nebraska—but always keeps in mind that New York is just a short flight away. TUESDAY AT 7:30, Barnes & Noble, 4 Astor Place, 212-420-1322. (Meyer)

'FRANK O'HARA: A CELEBRATION' The late Joe LeSueur lived with the New York School poet par excellence for over nine years, and his recently published Digressions on Some Poems by Frank O'Hara is exactly that: intimate riffs on dedicated lines, or a man's life as commentary to finished poems. Listen to poets, friends, and relations (from David Lehman to Hettie Jones) read from O'Hara's work, gaze at the longtime MOMA employee's favorite paintings (or slides thereof), and perhaps learn why LeSueur deemed Yukio Mishima a "size queen." THURSDAY AT 7:30, New School, Tishman Auditorium, 66 West 12th Street, 212-229-5488. (De Krap)

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