I wanted to take a moment to extend my heartfelt thanks to Thulani Davis for the excellent tribute paid to Ms. Nina Simone.

It is sad to know how many thousands of people she influenced and how little homage has been paid to her. Ms. Simone is widely known for her musical accomplishments and political views. However, what is seldom mentioned is the influence both her strength and femininity had upon young African American women such as myself growing up in the '60s. Hats off to Thulani and your publication.

Arnetta Reddy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Re Jane Liddell's "No Reply at All" [Letters, May 7-13]:

Allowing responses to letters to the editor in not lame at all. The Village Voice, by doing this, allows true freedom of speech: the ability to express your opinion, and a forum in which it can be challenged and debated. While I am not positive, I think that when organizations or governments let people speak or write and do not allow response, it is termed something like "repression." Not really the cornerstone of the Voice.

Douglas P. Olson
Arlington, Virginia

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