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By the way, hunky Hugh Jackman will host the Tonys, and I hear presenters will include Nathan Lane(Best Musical) and Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker(Best Original Score). And audience members will definitely include me, overheated in a large dress.

Off-Broadway? Well, Woody Allen's double-decker Writer's Block has a writer who's cheating on wifey, a writer who cheated on wifey with her mother, and a guy who cheats on wifey with her sister! Whether this all constitutes an apologia or a mea culpa for Woody's real-life behavior, it's mostly strained and unenlightening. No awards necessary. Ditto Mondo Drama, which starts and ends well, but is very shaky in the middle, though I liked the line "I felt cheap—and not in a good way."

The mondo drama in publishing has everyone wondering who'll take over as editor of the esteemed Star magazine. Rumor has it that they've thought about or approached the likes of Michael Lewittes, Steve Garbarino, Maer Roshan, Joe Dolce, A.J. Benza, and scads of others. Was I nominated? Nooooo!

But I did get to pick the king and queen of the prom at the LGBT Community Center—the most technically challenging experience since watching Man of La Mancha. The contestants all piled onto the stage at once, obscured by the dim lights and each other's headdresses. Emcee Lady Bunny's mic kept going off, so we judges couldn't always hear which contestant was which, plus we could barely see the numbers stickered on them. But we had to choose someone, so we listened to judge Demi-Tasse, who swore No. 3 was by far the best bet for prom king. Bunny brought the guy back onstage. He was gloriously crowned. And Tasse muttered, "Oh my God, he's not the one I meant." Oy. I swear I'll do better as a Tony voter.


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