Terrorizing the Press

'Could I Be Bombed? Or Be Thrown Behind Bars?'

"Stories start off by saying, 'Whilst President Mugabe is demonized as a tyrant, he is a hero to many.' That sort of approach fails to explain anything—that more than 1 million Zimbabweans voted against him in the 2002 presidential elections. It obscures the fact that it is Zimbabweans who are saying this man is a tyrant, not just the West, that the allegations of misuse of power, of misallocation of funds, come from well-documented sources within Zimbabwe. To situate him as 'under fire' from forces in Washington mistells the reality that he is being widely criticized as abusive within Zimbabwe itself."

Wetherell believes that despite Mugabe's ceaseless terrorism against his people, "democracy will win over tyranny." Next week: What are the odds? And why has Nelson Mandela been silent about the acute suffering of the people of "the jewel of Africa"?

"If only Mandela would speak out," a human rights worker told me, "what a difference that would make!"

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