The warlike men are those lacking testosterone and filled with the most estrogen. Men with testosterone are contented. It fits their maleness, so to speak; they are less depressed and less aggressive. It is when these same men are given an excess of estrogen that they become uncomfortable and aggressive! The article still stands, but in a very different light, one which has just as much satire.

Susan Anspach
Los Angeles, California


Wayne Barrett's "Way to Go, Joe" [May 7-13] incorrectly stated that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver had attended a May 3 education rally in Albany. In fact, Silver was observing the Sabbath that Saturday and expressed his support through a videotaped speech. The Voice apologizes for the error.

The Summer in the City listing for the band Spoon [May 14-20] misspelled frontman Britt Daniel's name. The band hails from Austin, not Athens.

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