Lewd Awakening

Rediscovering a German Connoisseur of Sex

Enticing aesthetic whiplash: Christian Schad's Two Girls (1928)
photo: courtesy Neue Galerie
Enticing aesthetic whiplash: Christian Schad's Two Girls (1928)


Christian Schad and the Neue Sachlichkeit
Neue Galerie
1048 Fifth Avenue
Through June 9

Schad's career began in 1913 at the age of 19, when he enrolled at the Munich Academy. He died in Stuttgart in 1982, nearly forgotten. But really, his career spanned only a few years and ended in 1929, the year his wealthy parents lost their fortune in the stock market collapse and stopped supporting their son; he essentially stopped painting. A photogram process he began exploring in 1919, dubbed the Shadograph by Dadaist entrepreneur Tristan Tzara, snagged Schad a mention in the art history books. His amazing paintings of the late 1920s suggest he deserves more.

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