Where Is Nelson Mandela?

Black U.S. Leaders Also Silent

Here at the Voice, I received a press release from the African Liberation Day Coalition 2003. The headline: "Blacks Assert Hands Off Zimbabwe," addressed to the "U.S. and British governments," accused by this coalition of recolonizing Africa. The demand: "money for reparations and not occupations."

Will they demand that Mugabe pay reparations to all the black Zimbabweans he has so ruthlessly misruled?

Among the signers of the "Hands Off Zimbabwe" message are: Africans Helping Africans, International Action Center, National Conference of Black Lawyers, Harlem Tenants Council, and New York A.N.S.W.E.R. The latter is noted for its skill at organizing anti-war demonstrations, along with the International Action Center.

Will A.N.S.W.E.R. invite Robert Mugabe to address its next demonstration for "Peace and Justice"? Meanwhile, incredibly, the African Liberation Day Coalition scheduled a rally for last weekend advocating "support of President Mugabe for standing up for his country." Ask the black Zimbabweans about that.

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