Ladies' Night

Demonstrating once again how hard I work at my job, I got the chance to hang with some of the boys backstage and probe them with journalistic queries. Since these guys are all about creating fantasies for women, I wanted to know if the sexy scenarios they project onstage reflect their real-life desires. In other words, what turns on the men whose job it is to make women pant and scream? Policeman impersonator Flava says he wants to take the blues off someone else: a lady cop while she's on duty. Chris Legend has always had a hankering for a female bodybuilder. And the Punisher would take his exhibitionism to the next level: "I want to have sex in the window of Macy's on 34th Street at Christmastime." Dear Santa, this dyke with bisexual tendencies has been a very good girl this year. Would you please stuff her stocking with . . . (hint: see

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