100th Civil Liberties Safe Zone!

Hawaii Is the First State to Defy Ashcroft

"The residents of Hawaii during World War II experienced firsthand the dangers of unbalanced pursuit of security without appropriate checks and balances for the protection of basic liberties."

And now, the resolution continues, "the citizens of Hawaii are concerned that the actions of the Attorney General of the United States and the United States Justice Department pose significant threats to Constitutional protections."

That resolution should have added to the list of despoilers of our liberties President George W. Bush, who has enthusiastically approved all this legislation and has told John Ashcroft that he is doing a "fabulous job."

In the 2004 presidential campaign, already well under way, Bush should be continually held accountable for violating his oath to protect the Constitution, very much including the Bill of Rights. But who is the Democratic presidential candidate to demand that?

Next week: New York City Council members and the New York Civil Liberties Union begin a Bill of Rights Defense Campaign!

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