They Shoot Journos, Don't They?

CPJ Calls Hotel Palestine Deaths Avoidable

In a display of independence from the government, U.S. media companies should join CPJ in pressuring the Pentagon to produce a full account of the killings. With so many war stories now in question and media credibility at a record low, it's time for news professionals to get back to where they once belonged: distrusting public officials and providing accurate information to citizens so they can make informed decisions. Defending the rights of nonembedded media in wartime would be a good first step.


We hear it's westward ho for Botany of Desire author and New York Times Magazine contributor Michael Pollan. In August, Pollan and his family are moving to California, where he will occupy a newly created chair in science writing at the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Back east, writer John Fund and ex-girlfriend Morgan Pillsbury are mixing it up again. When Pillsbury filed assault charges against Fund in 2002, Fund's only comment was a blanket denial. But now, the Manhattan D.A.'s office has dropped the charges and the two are suing each other in civil court. For both sides of the story, see and

Also looking for redemption is Zuza Glowacka, the former New York Times clerk and friend of Jayson Blair. Last week, Glowacka published a column in Newsweek; an Elle profile is in the works. Here's the $64,000 question: If, as Glowacka says, she knew nothing about Blair's deceptions, and, as the Newspaper Guild says, she was not investigated by the Times, why did she "have to" leave her job?

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