Marie Ornio
Lower Manhattan


As a first-time Voice reader, I hope Dan McGraw's article does not signify the "in-depth" writing of which this publication's initial reputation drew me. How could McGraw not once compare the increase of European players in the NBA to that of the lily-white National Hockey League in the '90s? So many European players have been drafted and signed by the NHL recently that a past all-star game used a North American-versus-the world format. The NHL also enforced rule changes to open up the game—sound familiar?

Instead of writing an article tying in the increasing European influence to the continual globalization of the marketplace, McGraw went for the cheap racial angle. If I wanted that, I'd read the Post.

Dominick Argumedo
San Francisco, California


Congratulations to Chisun Lee, Tom Robbins, and Joy Press. Lee will receive the Crystal Gavel Award from the New York Press Club and New York State Bar Association for her story "The NYPD Wants to Watch You" [December 18-24]. The award recognizes outstanding reporting on compelling issues of law and justice. Robbins has won the first-place Alternative News-weekly Award for investigative reporting for his piece "The Lush Life of a Rudy Appointee" [April 10-16, 2002], and Press has won the second-place award for arts criticism.

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