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Jason Lewis, who plays the raw-food waiter who screws Cattrall—very well—was there, but he had to take me across the room to get his publicist's approval before saying a word. She agreed to unlock his verbal cuffs—otherwise, shame on her—so the comely Lewis told me he and Cattrall used one of those 1,000 Sexual Positions-type books for research, "and I mostly sat there and blushed." (You can see it on the show—from head to toe.) Why not use Cattrall's own sex book? "Well, the author was there," he said, sensibly.

And why was Mayflower Madam Sydney Biddle Barrows there (at the premiere, that is)? "I'm the original Sex and the City!" Sydney said. As for another Sex freak, out comic Judy Gold, she told me she's been getting a crack at television crack these days. Judy's face recently turned up on the screen at the gym, prompting a fellow treadmill bunny to shriek with excitement. The show? VH1's I Love the '80s!

I love 'em too, which is why I'm thrilled to hear the annual drag festival Wigstock might come back in a big burst of hairspray. Rocker-promoter Dean Johnson says that Howl!—an East Village arts fest—hopes to revive the poufy assemblage this September by staging it in Tompkins Square Park, where it all began. That's too perfect for today's kooky social landscape, considering that Hell's Kitchen is a scaled-down, primordial version of Chelsea. We're all going back to our roots, as it were, and it helps that they're showing!

Over in the West Village, I spotted that charmed transvestite Eddie Izzard eating alone at an outdoor café two days after losing, I mean not winning, the Tony. So that old saw—"Being nominated is everything"—is a total lie. (Sidebar: I'm torn between two new drag names—Angie O'Plasty and Amber Alert. Which do you think will advance my career quicker?)

And now, I would also like to be alone—I just thought of another use for K-Y—but not until revealing that The Hulk turned me into the Skulk; I walked out after an hour of ponderous introspection mixed with screechy-weechy special effects. That shade of green would never make it in Hell's Kitchen.


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