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I tasted delicious trash at Star Gossip—the Thursday open-mic celebrity dish event thrown by Gregg Guinta, a/k/a Vinny Dazzle, at the dirt-friendly Remote lounge. "It's a guido bar," says Guinta, "but I can gay-ify it. I come from guido stock myself and gay-ified pretty well." He's been completely gossip-fied too. At the bash, Guinta showed a naked picture of a horse-hung reality host taken by a male prostie whom the star had dress in drag. (For some, this was a little too real.) Another gossip peddler told an interesting tale about Christina Aguilera's misguided attempt to seduce Enrique Iglesias, and Mike Albo chimed in to insist that Demi Moore hasn't had any surgery: "The only youth injection she's been getting is from her young boyfriend."

In more serious outlets, what was the big Gay Pride topic this year? Bug chasing! (The alleged trend of nutty guys actively seeking "the gift" of AIDS.) Doesn't that fill you with pride for both our community and the media? And can't you just wait till next Puerto Rican Day, when I'm sure the main topic for discussion will be the wonders of wilding! (Update: The miraculously sensible Supreme Court decision about consensual gay sex just eclipsed all that. The Supes are getting so edgy, they'll probably even approve bug chasing next time.)

But the most shocking revelation of the week was that Renée Zellweger's diet to gain weight for Bridget Jones 2 is the same one I use to lose weight. At least my apartment looks streamlined without all those little tables. Good tip, Bobby Trendy.

Send in the Aqua Net!: signaling for reinforcements at the HX Awards.
photo: Miles Ladin
Send in the Aqua Net!: signaling for reinforcements at the HX Awards.


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