The Homo Hypothesis

I am not surprised that women come off as more versatile in this study. Men are more rigid in their sexual identity, and the study goes so far (too far?) as to say that statistics would support a man who gets turned on by gay porn in questioning his heterosexuality. On the other hand, hetero women getting wet from seeing other women don't change their outlook on sexual partnering. We have a different way of looking at people of our own gender. For example, women populate not only the pages of magazines marketed to straight men but those targeted to women, also. Women have been socialized by this particular medium to see other women as objects; we are encouraged to look at, desire, and covet them (not just their fabulous lipstick or shoes). Worshiping Sarah Jessica Parker's ample post-baby cleavage doesn't leave hetero women feeling gay, so why should staring at Jill Kelly's big tits? This study's conclusion is certainly good news for the adult industry: Female consumers don't stick to just one section of the video store. Which reminds me: I've got to log on to and make sure It's a Man's World is in stock.

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