Fuck 'Em on the Dancefloor

Post-Disco Pervs Get Dicks in the Mix and Treat Cootchies Like a Maze

Toward the end of "Sugar Daddy," one of the less thought-out songs on So Stylistic, the debut of multiracial all-girl Brooklyn crew FannyPack—Jessibel, Belinda, and Cat—one cringes at the idea of these young ladies befalling the same fate. After all, the quantized squeals and sighs here follow a couple of minutes of moaning for an older man with fat pockets—no good ending to that story. Listening to FannyPack is, in a sense, aural pedophilia—two of the three girls are in their teens—and while the project carries the sheen of Radio Disney, these girls use their duff way better than Hilary does. They don't rap so much as speak, their unaffected vocal patterns conveying more sass than any contrived cadence could (cf. JJ Fad, L'Trimm). "Hey Mami" is propelled by low funk and Latin flourishes and was co-written by Jessibel based on the catcalls guys around her way holler. "Do It to It" and "Boom Boom" are flawless Miami bass mimicries, certain to tear the under-21 club up. Best of all is "System Boomin'," a slice of technotronic hip-house heaven that's sure to make WKTU quiver, and the next Jock Jams compilation to boot. But at the intersection of shirtless paysans at Webster Hall and drunken frat boys on the loge deck, there's always a splash of sex. "I told this dude to speed it up," Belinda raps in between countless exhortations to dig the groove and body move. "Pretend that I'm food and just eat it up." Maybe the most subversive sex of all is sex that makes it past the censors.

Fannypack use their duff.
photo: Danielle Levitt
Fannypack use their duff.


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Zeigenbock Kopf plays Luxx on Wednesday July 9.

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