It's VJ Day for Liberty

Vickie Johnson's Low-Key, but Her Game Isn't

"Our coach didn't have a license, so he couldn't sit on the bench," she explains. "So he'd prep me the night before and he'd call things out to me from the stands. I'd communicate it to the team." Johnson was relieved when the squad got a new coach halfway through the season and she could, she says, "focus on my game," but the surrogate coaching job taught her "a lot of patience."

It gave her the bug to do more, too. Johnson figures she'll play another four years and then she'd like to coach—men. "I think I'd be a little too soft on women," she says. "Not that they'd expect it, but I would worry about their feelings." Besides, she adds, "Guys don't learn the basics anymore—facing up, stepping right, jabbing. I can teach those things."

And, as the Liberty know, she can do them.

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