Unless this, and similar nuggets of tired ninth-grade beat journalism masquerading as figurative sublimity, sprinkled generously throughout what little of the article I was able to stomach, are elements of a devastatingly funny in-joke among the editorial staff and music critics of the Voice, I can't understand how, in the context of reliably crafted music reviews, this pap was able to slide in under the radar.

Adam Alexander
Morningside Heights

The Scribe of the Morning Star replies: Well then, sir, you ought to be glad that such pomposity is solely limited to the sandbox of this wee corner of rockcrit—instead of infecting the bubble of self-regard wherein you reside.


A memorial gathering for artist Fred Sandback, who passed away June 26, 2003, will be held by the Dia Art Foundation on Wednesday, July 23, at 545 West 22nd Street, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Sandback worked with Dia over the course of his career, and his work is included in Dia's collection at the new Dia:Beacon museum.

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