Landscape Painting

Ideas Bred in China and Israel Coincide at Lincoln Center Festival

Avi-Yona Bueno's lighting is as imaginative as everything else about Anaphaza, from the explosion of sparks into smoke at the beginning to the wheelable light poles that create enigma around four softly spotlit women in pointy party hats. Indeed, the whole piece has the ambience of a curious carnival we're thrilled to be part of.

Mystery guests: Shen Wei and his dancers in Folding
photo: Richard Termine
Mystery guests: Shen Wei and his dancers in Folding


Shen Wei Dance Arts
La Guardia Concert Hall
July 23, 25, and 26.

Batsheva Dance Company
New York State Theater
July 23 through 26

In Memoriam: Mel Wong

It was one of those incomprehensible things. Mel Wong—choreographer, dancer, teacher, father—was swimming laps, felt tired, got out of the pool . . . and died. Ironically, the pieces he made after leaving Merce Cunningham's company in 1972 were often peaceful rituals involving water—also sand, objects, people dancing beautifully. One, Zip Code (1972), lasted 12 hours. We came and went. At the end of his 1976 Breath, the dancers, one by one, fogged a pane of glass with their breath and passed on. Mel was a spiritual thinker. The mist on the glass is evanescent, but the act, the breathers, have left an imprint on the world. As he most certainly did.

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