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So are Matt and Ben in the P.S.122 play of that title, which proves that, whatever the gender, those two have way more chemistry than Jen and Ben. They're presented in the play as a competitive, sneaky, but well-matched duo right out of Beckett via Access Hollywood. (Affleck would probably be mad, but he's too busy trying to shut down GossipList.com.) "Next up," said Charles Busch on opening night, "Lypsinka and I should do Chloë Sevigny and Natasha Lyonne!"

While we're waiting, producers Larry Dvoskin and Jeff Margolis are planning a TV reality show about the search for the first out gay country star. (Lordy knows there are enough in ones.) "I bet some straight guys will try to sneak into the auditions," Dvoskin had told me at the Le Divorce bash, so I went, hoping to find Faith Hill's husband and hug him real hard. Instead, the shameless PR stunt brought out talented gays pioneering the last frontier, including the Dixie Chicks With Dicks, a tucked trio consisting of drag stars Hedda Lettuce, Yolanda, and Porsche. Were the producers looking for a drag act? "We don't care!" said Lettuce. "Half these men are wearing more makeup than we are. And what would country music be without drag queens? Dolly, Loretta . . . " At this point, Yolanda piped up that they definitely want drag queens like her at an upcoming music fest called "Bearapalooza," and though she's not technically a bear, "I've got a hairy back."

But yesterday's cross-dressers are the real hotties these days—they shaved—as life turns into a big room-with-a-déjà-vu meant only for '80s nostalgia. In the coming months alone, Party Monster, about club kidder Michael Alig, hits screens; then the Boy George musical, Taboo—with George as sublimely weird creation Leigh Bowery (who influenced Alig)—comes to Broadway; and Patrick McMullan releases a So '80s photo book featuring all the above. What's more, VH1 is planning another of those I Love the '80s series! Hopefully we'll also have a return to all that money and glitz falling out of the sky, with enough crack to anesthetize us against capitalism's evil edge.

Goin' down south: The Dixie Chicks with dicks
photo: Cary Conover
Goin' down south: The Dixie Chicks with dicks

By the way, Alig has once again changed his official, on-the-record story about Daniel Auster's involvement. Le oy!


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