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What the GOP Won’t Say About the Blackout

A Times spokesperson attributed the omission to "deadline limitations," pointing out that several blackout stories appeared on the IHT website on August 15. The print edition has been catching up ever since.

'News' Kicks It


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The New York Daily News has finally given the New York Post a black eye. The News printed more than 1 million copies of its August 15 special blackout edition, while the Post printed only 250,000 that day, less than half its usual run. Why? Because the Post is printed in the Bronx, while the News prints in Jersey City. The News' victory is ironic, because the Post likes to brag that its Bronx press delivers superior color photos.

But when the lights went out, substance triumphed over style. Though both papers had backup generators for their newsrooms, Post computers began running out of juice soon after the Bronx printer went down. The Post borrowed the Bergen Record's printer, but the next day's edition was thin, with only five pages of blackout coverage.

Meanwhile, News staffers were in high gear, producing 27 pages of blackout news for Friday's edition. Extra fuel for the generators made it possible to finish the job. On August 17, a News sidebar whacked the Post and repeated praise for its Friday paper. "It was a terrific edition by a terrific staff," said executive editor Michael Goodwin.

At the Voice, we have no backup generators. Our Cooper Square offices remained dark until about 9 p.m. Friday, when the Lower East Side was the last neighborhood in the city to get its power back. The Voice e-mail system and Internet connection were down until noon on Monday—which meant the editors and staff scrambled in our own way to get this issue out.

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