Anti-Conventional Wisdom

Attention, GOP! The Forecast for Next Year in New York City: Extremely Stormy

Global Outlook

Case after case of ammo from the Centre for Research on Globalization. No. 1 with a bullet: "George W. Bush Financial Scams" at CRG207A.html.

illustration: Anthony Freda

Independent Media Center

Planetary network of activist media. Great collections of stories, actions. For the local folks and their monthly newspaper, see

Left Turn

Network of anti-capitalist activists.

M27 Coalition

Anti-war site. Check out the NYC Guide to War Profiteers, complete with maps, at www.

Mad Anarchist Bakers' League

"Make Pie, Not War." See the "Ignorance Is Strength" poster of Dubya. P.O. Box 11063, Brady Lake, OH 44211

Media Jumpstart

"Worker collective providing technology assistance to social justice organizations." 39 Broadway, 10th floor, New York, NY 10006


Clever site by an artists' collective. Lots of images and "propaganda," including a series of images designed for an Orwellian "Two Minutes Hate," starring Dubya.

New York City Social Forum

Group trying to set up a social forum next year in the city like the huge gatherings recently in Spain, Mexico, Italy, South Africa, and Brazil.

New York Youth Bloc

Coalition of high school students for "peace, justice, and empowerment."

Not In Our Name

"No war on the world, no detentions and roundups, no police state restrictions." Flyers, reports, and a "Pledge of Resistance."

NYC Aids Housing Network

" . . . we are planning to re-create the massive demonstration during the 1992 Democratic National Convention called for United for AIDS Action so that the damaging policies on welfare, criminal justice, racial justice, immigration, housing and healthcare can be reversed, therefore stopping the spread of HIV here in NYC, the United States, and globally."

NYC Forum Of Concerned Religious Leaders

Group of serious-minded activists, including Pastor Peter Laarman of Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South. "Save the Date! August 29, 2004, The World Says No to Bush."

One Thousand Reasons

"Need a reason to protest? Here's a thousand." See the hilarious and frightening Dubya résumé at

Peace Williamsburg

Good, all-purpose site for activists, with an up-to-date events list, highlighting current efforts to counter military recruiting.

The People United

Virginia-based network of progressives and radicals.

The Petition Site

Click on an anti-Bush petition sponsored by the League of Conservation Voters.


"Global pastry uprising" calling for a "million yippie march." Lots of fun, including a catchy tune called "George Bush's America the Beautiful":
O beautiful for spacious lies
And fake bin Laden tapes
For yellow-cake uranium
And evidence that's baked.
America, America
There's oil, don't you see?
Though it's a sham,
I'll bomb Saddam
So there'll be more for me!
O beautiful for corporate crime
For Enron, Brown, and Root
For Gates and Lay and Uncle Dick
God bless the Carlyle Group!
America, America
Your pensions have been spent
On drugs and clothes
For CEOs
You'll never see a cent.

Exhaustive clearinghouse of activities here and around the globe.

Queers For Peace And Justice

"LGBT anti-war/occupation group dedicated towards building an anti-war/occupation presence in the LGBT community and a queer presence in the anti-war movement."

RNC Not Welcome

Web collective that's organizing against the convention. Among other graphics, get a MetroCard "Not Welcome" parody design for your use.

The Ruckus Society

Invaluable Oakland, California, group with information for training activists. Among many useful topics, see the Ruckus Society Media Manual at manual.html. For the more athletic protesters, there's "How to Hang Yourself From an Urban Structure" (though it cautions that "a good activist is a living activist"):

Social Justice Alliance

Busy SUNY-Stony Brook group.

street theater workshops

From a noted group of giant-puppet masters in nearby Vermont: "How to launch precision attacks on war and capitalist megalomania" and "how to make cardboard politicians, picture stories (cantastoria), hand puppets, and giants for rallies,parades, etc." Eager to provide "a subversive lesson or two." Bread & Puppet Theater, 753 Heights Road, Glover, VT 05839

Other prominent giant-puppet masters include Marco Giammetti and Carol Hendrickson, founders of spiritree, in Freehold, New Jersey: /sprtree.

United For A Fair Economy

Boston-based think tank with plenty of sophisticated ammo for fighting the radical right's "shrink, shift, and shaft budget and tax agenda."

United For Peace &Justice

Huge anti-war coalition's info-packed site. "We organized the massive February 15 anti-war rally in New York City and will be organizing an equally massive march on August 29, 2004, to kick off the week of protest against the Republican National Convention." Check out such useful info as "How to Plan an Action."

Video Activist Network

Teeming with good tips for protesters. Waging War on Dissent: Tips for video activists: videoactivism .org/cameratips.html

War Profiteers Card Deck

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