Nat Hentoff replies: A reporter should indeed report the news and not give his or her own opinions. A columnist, however, is paid to give opinions and is open to rebuttal, as in this letter. Both the left and right try to interpret the Constitution. So do judges. It would be helpful if everyone, including journalists, had a copy of the Constitution.


Michael Gecan's "The Tribes of Yale" [August 20-26] was truly a stroke of journalistic genius. Poetic and informative, it was the best article I've read in years. In a country where the punditocracy rules and narrow agendas are imposed on us by the Wall Street Journals and the Fox Newses, Mr. Gecan's article was a needed breath of fresh air. If only the mainstream (read "conservative") media would print more Gecan and less Coulter.

Robert Smith
Plantation, Florida

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