CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): To borrow a phrase from the old astrology columnist Stella Spambottom, this is a week you could make the boogie man cry. That's because your anger is smarter and your fears are weaker than they've been in many moons. You also have access to a high level of courage, which is made even more potent by the fact that it's rooted in quiet confidence, not blustering egotism. As you fight evil in the coming days, your forceful actions will no doubt be fair and enlightened. On behalf of the cosmic powers, therefore, I authorize you to induce tears in bogeymen, out-of-control tyrants, and the devil himself.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Every August, the temporary city of Burning Man sprouts up in the Nevada desert. Upwards of 30,000 freaks and mutants drop their inhibitions for a week as they interact with entertaining rituals that transpire in hundreds of "theme camps." If you ever go, you'll be able to eat fresh sushi off the naked bellies of clowns posing as supermodels, play a giant game of billiards using bowling balls, and take a joyride on a wheeled version of Captain Hook's schooner as it sways with scores of sweaty dancers dressed like characters from your dreams. Unfortunately, Burning Man won't come around again until August 23, 2004, but you need to have your mind blown and blown and blown now. Find a worthy substitute.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Every act of genius, said psychologist Carl Jung, is an act contra naturam: "against nature." Indeed, every effort to achieve psychological integration requires a knack for breaking out of the trance of normal daily life. Eighteenth-century mystic Jacob Boehme agreed. The great secret of divine magic, he asserted, is "to walk in all things contrary to the world." My teacher, Paul Foster Case, believed that living an ethical and enlightened life required one to reverse the usual ways of thinking, speaking, and doing. What's your position on this approach, Pisces? It's prime time for you to redefine your relationship to what I call sacred rebellion.


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